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Certified First Responder Counselor


First responders are exposed daily to difficult and stressful situations including crime, illness, injuries, and loss of life.  It is a first responder’s duty to provide physical and emotional care for others; however, their daily exposures to negative events can lead to secondary trauma, burnout, PTSD, and compassion fatigue.  Their responsibilities can have a high impact on their own mental and physical health as well as negatively affect their personal relationships.


Ashley believes in the importance of the first responder’s role in the community and received her certification as a First Responder Counselor through Academy Hour. Holding first responders in high regard, Ashley provides a healing environment for those who work, or have loved ones who work, in this challenging, yet rewarding field. 


Please do not hesitate to call or email to schedule an appointment or check out the link below for helpful resources.


Academy Hour

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