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Q:  What is the cost of therapy?

A:  The price of a therapy session will look different for everyone.  Most insurance plans offer mental health coverage.  In this case, if you’d like to use your insurance plan, you will be notified prior to you first appointment, called the intake, what the cost will be for your appointment.  Depending on your plan, you may have a set copay for each session or you may need to reach your deductible.  This price will vary because it is determined by the insurance company you use.  I also offer a self-pay rate for those who prefer to not use their insurance or are not currently covered.  Each of these prices will be reviewed with you prior to your first appointment and again during our first meeting.

Q:  When is payment expected and how do I pay?

A:  Payment will be collected during each therapy appointment.  I accept personal checks and use the HIPPA compliant electronic payment system called Ivy Pay.

Q:  How long is a therapy session?

A:  Most sessions are one hour in length.  I also offer 45-minute appointments and, under certain circumstances, longer and shorter appointments can be offered.

Q:  Is medication an option?

A:  I am open to discussing medication and guiding you with a possible referral to a local doctor or psychiatrist, but medication is not prescribed here at the office.

Q:  How do I get to my patient portal?

A:  You can login to your patient portal by clicking HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

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