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If you are feeling emotionally unhappy and struggling to cope with life’s difficulties, attending therapy offers you support and guidance during these challenging times.  I offer services for individual counseling (adult, adolescent, or child), family therapy, and parenting support depending on your needs.  

  • Treatment Areas Include:

    • Trauma

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Anger

    • Stress Management

    • ​Opposition and Defiance​

    • Focus and Concentration Issues

    • Behavior Modification Techniques

  • Individual Counseling

    • Counseling can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of age.  Individual counseling allows privacy and confidentiality to talk about you, what’s troubling you, and how to make a change to get better.  I work with adults, adolescents, and children as young as five.

  • Family Counseling

    • Life is constantly changing and sometimes family dynamics are as well.  Struggling to become a blended family?  Feeling lost on how to parent as your children transition to different life stages? Fearful of the approaching empty nest? Questioning what the boundaries are when adult children are living at home? Family includes having a variety of different personalities, but family often does have one common goal - to all get along. 

  • First Responder Counseling

    • First responders are exposed to difficult and stressful situations daily including crime, illness, injuries, and loss of life.  It is a first responder's duty to provide physical and emotional care for others; however, their daily exposures to negative events can lead to secondary trauma, burnout, PTSD, and compassion fatigue.  Their responsibilities can have a high impact on their own mental and physical health as well as negatively affect their personal relationships.  We can provide a healing environment for those who work, or have loved ones who work, in this challenging, yet rewarding field.  Ashley's First Responder Counseling Certification was obtained from Academy Hour.

  • Trauma Therapy

    • The dictionary defines trauma as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.  These experiences can range from what many consider ordinary life such as divorce, accidents, and illnesses or more extreme including war, sexual assaults, and abuse. Regardless of the “severity,” it is your experience.  You cannot change the past, but you do not have to be stuck there. Trauma therapy can be beneficial to you as an individual and provide support to your loved ones as they steer through their own feelings related to your unwanted experience.

  • Children

    • Anger, anxiety, unhappiness, and impulsivity does not know age.  Is your child refusing to go to school, complaining of bellyaches, often fearful to leave you, won’t sleep in his or her own bed, acting aggressively towards others, or forgetful of what you told them one minute ago?  Therapy is not just for adults, children also need a place to learn to express themselves, cope with adjustments, and find skills they can use daily.  Life is about learning to express yourself while you navigate through all the transitions. 

  • Parenting Support

    • Hospitals still have not provided a parenting manual?  I am here to help!  I have years of training working with children who have various diagnoses, including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, impulse control, opposition and defiance, trauma, and autism.  As a parent, it is challenging when you want the best for your child, feel that you have tried everything, and the phone calls from school keep coming or the arguments at home keep occurring.  I can offer a one-time sit down or multiple appointments introducing behavior modification strategies to support you, your child, and a family.

  • LPC Supervision

    • Are you looking for someone to help you complete your LPC supervision?  Whether you are just getting started or have just a few hours left, I am glad to help!  I offer individual and group licensure supervision.  Contact me to get started or to ask any questions you may have.​

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